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2020 Guide to Employee Benefits

What will it take to keep your staff stable, steady and ready to compete with the best in 2020?

Chances are, it will take an overhaul (or at least a concentrated review) of the benefits you’re already offering. With shifting demographics creating a nationwide labor shortage, many organizations are struggling to recruit and retain the talent they need because their compensation and benefits packages are simply not attractive enough to compare with others in their industries.

Fortunately, researchers have identified best practices for offering the comprehensive benefits plans that can help solve the staff shortages you may be experiencing. To help you make the changes so important to your business growth, we at Ochs have compiled a convenient guide outlining the workplace benefits most important to today’s employees.

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Offering Supplemental Life and Disability: How Employers Can Help


What are the most valuable benefits a company can offer its employees? After health insurance, life and disability insurance are arguably two of the most important.

According to PwC, 53% of employed adults are stressed about finances, and 49% of those spend three or four work hours each week dealing with financial issues. Couple that with the fact that basic healthcare doesn’t cover many emergencies, and it stands to reason that employers benefit from taking that worry off of their minds with robust insurance coverage for life and disability. It can also be a huge competitive advantage in this tight hiring market.

How, as an employer, do you know which type of plans to choose? And how much of those plans should you cover for your employees?

Our team at Ochs has you covered with this guide to supplemental life and disability policies. We’ll take the guesswork out of the plans that will give your employees peace of mind.

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