What's the difference between short and long term disability?

Disability insurance provides funds when you are unable to work due to disability. The primary differences between short term and long term disability are: 1) the amount of time from the occurrence of a qualified disability until benefits are payable (the waiting period); and 2) the length of time benefits will be paid.

Short Term Disability Insurance replaces a portion of your pay while you are out of work due to illness, pregnancy or injury. As the name implies, the benefit is payable for a limited period of time. There are a variety of plan options available. A typical short term disability plan would begin paying a benefit on the first day of disability due to a non-work related injury or the eighth day for illness or maternity disability. The benefit is payable as long as the individual remains disabled, but not to exceed a maximum benefit period of usually three or six months.

Long Term Disability Insurance provides you and your family with financial protection if you cannot work for an extended period of time. The waiting period is longer, usually three or six months. Benefits are commonly paid on a monthly basis and can continue up to Social Security Normal Retirement Age.
Frequently Asked QuestionsHow much life insurance do I need?This amount of life insurance needs varies from person to person and is highly subjective. A life insurance needs calculator is provided to help you determine how much money your spouse and family will need.What is the difference between short and long term disability?The primary differences between short term and long term disability are: 1) the amount of time from the occurrence of a qualified disability until benefits are payable (the waiting period); and 2) the length of time benefits will be paid. More information inside. What types of expenses are covered by Long Term Care Insurance?A comprehensive Long Term Care plan provides for expenses in a variety of settings. Learn more. When am I eligible to begin receiving benefits from my Long Term Care plan?Once coverage is in effect, you are eligible for benefits if you are unable to perform at least two activities of daily living and satisfy waiting periods. Read on for more details. What new employee benefits are available without health questions?Most supplemental policies contain certain rights for newly eligible employees, including the opportunity to elect coverage with no health questions asked. Learn about these opportunities here.What happens to my optional insurance benefits if I leave employment?Circumstances vary depending on what insurance coverage it is. Review the options here.I did not receive the CNA letter sent to Long Term Care participants - Why? Only those employees who elected the lifetime compound Automatic Benefit Increase (ABI) option, received the letter about the Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership program. What is the Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership Program?The Minnesota Long Term Care Partnership is a public/private arrangement between long term care insurers like CNA and Minnesota's Medicaid/Medical Assistance program. Read on.What happens to my Long Term Care Insurance when I retire?Because the Long Term Care Insurance is completely portable, you will be able to keep the same plan at the same rates. More details inside.Will Medicare pay for my Long Term Care?The government Medicare website gives the following answer, "While there are a variety of ways to pay for long-term care, it is important to think ahead about how you will fund the care you get." Click the title for more information.Why should I consider Long Term Care Insurance?Seventy percent of people over age 65 will require some long-term care services at some point in their lives. And, contrary to what many people believe, Medicare and private health insurance programs do not pay for the majority of long-term care services that most people need. Click on the title for more information.Where can I find information to help me provide long term care for a family member?Are you a caregiver? Are you looking for caregiver resources? Read on for more information.Why should I enroll in Long Term Disability Insurance?Disability is more common than most people think. Read on to learn more.What is Home Healthcare?Home Healthcare is provided by a home health agency that sends home healthcare providers to your home to provide nursing care, personal care, nutritional services, meal preparation, housekeeping and physical therapy. Home healthcare can also be used to provide respite for a family caregiver. What distinguishes adult daycare from adult fostercare?Adult daycare provides a protective setting for those who cannot stay alone. Adult daycare centers are not residential facilities but offer services for up to 12 hours a day. Adult fostercare is appropriate for those who cannot live alone and require more services than just room and board. Adult fostercare allows your needs to be met in a private home. Will my health insurance and disability insurance cover Long Term Care services?Private healthcare plans have very limited coverage for long term care services. And disability income coverage is really meant to replace lost wages when you can no longer work. Disability income benefits are designed to cover your normal living expenses, like food and housing; it wouldn't be enough to pay someone to care for you. If an employee terminates employment due to a disability can they still file a claim?The disability claim is based on the date of the onset of the disability. If the employee was still actively-at-work and premiums had been paid when the disability occurred, the employee should file a claim. Read on for more information.How long will my Long Term Disability benefits be paid?The benefit period is defined in the policy. It is common for group long term disability policies to provide benefits to Social Security Normal Retirement Age. If you become disabled after age 60, there may be an extension of benefits beyond age 65.How is disability defined in order to qualify for benefits?A disability can be the result of an injury, a sickness, or a pregnancy. The policy defines disability using an occupation test, an earnings test, or both. Click the question for additional information.Can I purchase long term care insurance with money from my HSA?The answer is yes. Click on the title to obtain more answers on qualified expenses and restrictions.Can you explain how the pre-existing condition in the Long Term Disability contract works?A 6/6/24 pre-existing condition provision is a limitation, not an exclusion. The limitation applies only to the first 24 months an employee is enrolled in the plan. Click above to read more.Is there some kind of tax credit for people who buy Long Term Care Insurance?Yes, the State of Minnesota offers up to a $100 tax credit for residents who purchase long term care insurance. Click on title to learn more!What changes can employees make to their dental elections?A qualifying even allows for employees to enroll dependents in their dental plan but it does not allow for plan changes from high to low or visa-versa. Click to read more.

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